SENSE webinar no 3: Monitoring CO2 Storage Sites

Welcome to our third webinar covering the latest advancements on CO2 storage site monitoring.

This is a two-part webinar presented By Dr Sarah Bouquet, Research Engineer, IFPEN – France, Geoscience Division, and Dr Almudena Sánchez de la Muela, researcher, Fundación Ciudad de la Energía – CIUDEN, Spain.

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Introduction by Bahman Bohloli.
Presentation 1: “Hydro-mechanical simulation of ground deformation due to fluid injection – synthetic cases”. Presented by Sarah Bouquet.
Presentation 2: Seismicity monitoring at onshore CO2 geological storage sites. Presented by Dr Almudena Sánchez de la Muela.

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Curious about what this is all about? Watch our second webinar from 25 January 2022.