Project achievements workshop, Kiel 6-7 July

SENSE partners had a hybrid workshop to discuss project achievements and the way forward,in Kiel, Germany 6-7 July 2022. The workshop was hosted by GEOMAR, and was the first in-person workshop after the pandemic.

Several partners participated in-person: GEOMAR, Quadgeo, Univ of Oslo, BGS, IFPEN, LLNL, NGI and also Vit Hladik, the member of Scientific Advisory Board. Other partners and funding agencies attended digital.

The objective of the meeting was to discuss project achievements, figure out the best possible way to integrate the results and set-up a format for the final project delivery. As a result of the workshop, detailed items were listed and we are working on an overview paper that will be the final delivery of the project.

Visit to GEOMAR’s laboratory and description of various underwater monitoring vehicles and tools presented by Christian Berndt