PhD student Elisaveta Dombrovski joins SENSE-act

Tuesday 15 September, members of the SENSE-act project held a research workshop at the University of Oslo. The purpose was to introduce Elisaveta Dombrovski, its newest team member.  

Elisaveta, known as Lisa, is a PhD student from Munich, Germany. She enrolled at the University of Oslo this fall, and will be working on the SENSE project for the next four years. Her topic is “Machine Learning-Applications in monitoring Geological CO2 Sequestration”.

– Lisa’s presence will help SENSE do much more work than first planned. The presentations held today are for her to learn more about the project, but also to introduce Lisa and her work to the team, said Bahman Bohloli, Project coordinator for SENSE-act, in his introduction to the workshop.

About Lisa

Lisa has a bachelor’s degree in geoscience with a focus on engineering geology. Her topic was testing artificial, 3D printed rocks on their fractional behavior. For her Master’s degree in geophysics at ETH in Zürich, she focused on gravitational waves, which is a different type of wave than elastic waves.

Why did you choose to work on the SENSE-act project?

– I’m passionate about geoscience, but I also like programming. During my Master’s I took a few courses in computer science, just to get more familiar with algorithms and data structures. I realised that I can apply this in so many fields, and I was excited to learn that in the SENSE-act project I could combine both Machine Learning and geology, said Lisa.

The agenda for the workshop is shown here.