New postdoc at KIGAM

Dr. Yeon-Kyeong Lee recently began her first postdoctoral career at KIGAM as a new member of the SENSE team working on the project. She is financially supported by NRF (National Research Foundation of Korea) and will contribute to geomechanical simulations of rock deformation for CO2 geological storage.

Understanding geomechanical coupling of fluid-solid induced by CO2 injection is fundamental of history matching between surface heave and pore pressure dissipation in storage formation.

During her PhD track in Petroleum Engineering at the Hanyang University, Seoul, Korea, Dr. Lee had worked on the development of enhanced oil recovery technology for carbonate oil reservoir in the UAE with domestic and international organizations. She mainly performed coreflooding experiments and carried out dynamic flow modelling using experimental and field data.

Meanwhile, December 1, 2020, KIGAM launched a reseach project as a member of SENSE Consortium, entitled ‘Geomenchancal modelling study using a overseas test bed for CO2 geological storage’ supported by the Korea-EU Joint Research Support Program. Dr. Insun Song is the Principal Investigator (PI) of the project.